Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Film Round Up

Hubs and I have had Unlimited cards for our local cinema for quite a few years now, but recently the amount of use we get out of them has dwindled signifcantly. With the thought of paying for almost £16 a month for barely one trip to the cinema in a month, we made a pact between us to visit more often - if we haven't increased our visits to the cinema by the end of March we would cancel our subscription.

In our heart of hearts, we don't want to cancel it because it's nice when we do want something to do, and it can work out great value for money - if you use it enough! So here's a round up of the latest films we have seen.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

This was the choice of hubs, and not something I would have picked of my own back. We tossed a coin to decide who would pick the film, so true to our agreement we went to see the film he had chosen.

It's hard to write a review on this one because it's not something that I would normally watch and I really didn't enjoy it. I'm not a massive fan of Will Farrell anyway and this film just further emphasises why.  I know it's meant to be a bit silly, but for me it goes overboard on every level. For me, the only half decent part of the film (apart from the end) was the news teams fighting at the end, and that was only made bareable by the various cameos. I won't spoil it for you by telling who turns up, but it kept me entertained by pointing out who was who! If you loved the first movie (I didn't), then I'm sure you will love this one. But if you've always thought it was all a bit silly and over the top, I would recommend giving this one a miss - unless you are forced into it too!

Delivery Man

This one was my choice, as I do like Vince Vaughn, although his movies can be a bit 'samey'. I really enjoyed The Delivery Man. Yes, it might be a bit cliched and a bit of the expected but it's a great film to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon or when you just want something easy watching to watch. It doesn't require a lot of effort or thought so it gets a big thumbs up from me!

Grudge Match

I wasn't really sure what to think of this one to be honest. It was one of those films that I wasn't really bothered about either way, but part of the new pact was to watch films we would otherwise leave 'for DVD'. It was an 'ok' film, and that pretty much sums it up. The idea of Slyvester Stallone fighting reminds me of the last Rocky film and in parts it was a bit cringeworthy. That said, much like Delivery Man, it was an easy watching film but it did seem to drag on a little bit too much and I feel like the film could have been wrapped up sooner which made me do a bit of clock watching in the last 45 minutes or so.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

I loved this film! I am a lover of Chris Pine (ever since Unstoppable) so I was immediately drawn to this. If you loved the first couple of Bourne films, you will love this too. There's not too much to say without giving away the plot, but I really do recommend you see it. The only off putting thing is Kiera Knightley's fake American accent, but if you can look past that you're onto a winner.

That Awkward Moment

I really enjoyed this one too. The basis of the film may be a little typical but the way it is played out is excellent. It was much funnier than I expected, and it sheds Zac Efron in a whole new (more adult) light. The casting is wonderful and works together perfectly. It's a great film to watch with your girl friends but not so much one to watch with your parents! All in all a thoroughly enjoyable film. 

The Dallas Buyer's Club

This was a bit of strange one. Matthew Mcconaughey is unrecognisable as Ron Woodroof but it's a role that he is perfect for. His acting is really impressive and he makes the film worth sticking with. It did feel like it was a little too stretched out in places, and I did find myself looking at my watch a few times towards the end, but I did enjoy it overall. Jennifer Garner is also wonderful as Dr. Eve Saks, and two have a great on screen interaction. Again, not one to watch with your parents but worth a watch nonetheless.

Coming Soon...

The Lego Movie in 3D
The Monuments Men
Cuban Fury
Endless Love

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