Sunday, 4 January 2015

An apology and an update

I feel like I owe a huge apology to all of you. I have seriously abandoned this lovely little blog and my readers over the past year. I honestly have no excuse other than life, which is no excuse at all really. I am going to try and really focus on the blog again as much as I can in my spare time. 

A little update for be honest my life is pretty much the same! I am still really busy with my study life but I am on course to finish in June and, fingers crossed, I will be attending my graduation ceremony in September. I cannot wait to finish my degree and finally begin to have some spare time again. The graduation ceremony will be the absolutely icing on the cake and I am so excited to attend with my husband and parents. I really want them to feel as proud of me as I do myself. 

Once again, I am so sorry and if you're still here - thank you! I hope you will stay with me as I have lots of excited things planned to talk to you about.

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