Saturday, 30 May 2015

With a degree of trepidation

Four months ago I posted an apology for being absent for so long....and then I disappeared again. I can only apologise. Life has been pretty hectic with trying to finish my degree (more on that later) and also with the pace really increasing at work. I have hardly had any spare time to myself and so my little blog has been neglected again.

So, about my degree. Five years ago, I began studying an Open Degree with the Open University, primarily based around psychology modules. I finally passed the degree back in April and I felt an immense sense of pride and relief. I still had one more module to complete for the honours degree but unfortunately that hasn't worked out like I would have hoped.

I am now at the stage where my final assignment ever is due on on the 1st June 2015 and I'm bailing. After many long email conversations with the student support team at The Open University, I have decided to defer my honours degree and I will complete my degree next year. I will need to submit the final assignment at the end of the next presentation in order to achieve the honours degree. I'm hoping I will be able to focus more on it then. In the meantime, I can still attend the graduation ceremony for my degree and then see how I go.

I am absolutely petrified about sharing this with anyone. I feel like I've failed at the final hurdle and I've wasted the time I've already spent on this course but it is a relief knowing I can pick the course up again this time next year and try to get my honours degree. It is also a relief knowing that I have my degree and that I can top up to the honours next year if I feel like I can/should.

For now, I'm back and I am fully intent on focusing my time on this blog, my little outlet.

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